Robert Kidd is not your usual roofing contractor. Coming from a family that was less than fortunate, he had to work hard to get ahead. From a very young age Robert’s father instilled a strong work ethic that stands til this day. Being an average student, the days til graduation couldn’t come quick enough. Robert’s first full time job after graduating in 1985, was a $5.00 per hour roofing job. He was excited and proud of his first paycheck of $350 for a full week of hard work. That wasn’t enough.


After several years as an apprentice, Robert decided to go into business for himself as a sub-contractor. He worked for many contractors and handled installation services. This was hard mainly because he had to deal with some shady contractors who wouldn’t pay their bills. The day came when he decided that he would now ONLY work for himself and deliver quality services to all of his customers.


One of his other brothers, Thomas Kidd, owned and operated a successful window and siding company in Euclid Ohio (Ultra Sash). Robert’s brother took him under his wing and taught him a great motto to follow. To succeed in a home improvement business, you must deliver great customer care and service. He then followed with 3 simple rules:


1) Always be on time


2) Don’t make promises you can’t complete.


3) Be honest at all costs.


Robert worked with his brother til his untimely death in 2001. In the 8 years that they worked together, Tom taught him the ins & outs of windows and siding and how to run a successful business. Unfortunately for Robert and certain legalities, he had to start his own business from scratch (again). This was a great challenge for Robert beyond the death of his brother and mentor.


After careful consideration, it was time to start his business. He took his time with a good name . With the help of his sister who works in marketing, they came up with the name “Biltmore” which had a strong message of quality and experience.


Robert registered the name with the state and incorporated it then moved the business to their present home, Canton, Ohio. He found the people in the Canton community very receptive and were impressed with the quality of service Biltmore delivered.


Biltmore has continued to grow and now employs 24 full timers and have serviced over 6,500 customers. While servicing that many clients, Biltmore has held an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Biltmore is still growing while Robert directs his team. Biltmore operates on the 3 simple principles his brother Tom taught him and would be proud of his success. He knows Tom is smiling at him from the heavens above.






2664 Cleveland Ave. • Canton, Ohio 44707

(330) 899-3206


912 Riverside Drive • Painesville, Ohio 44077

(330) 899-3206