Maximizing Storm Damage Insurance Claim

In January, Claudio’s house was damaged during a wind storm. A tree fell on the roof causing shingle and roofing damage. The wind was so severe that it damaged the siding on the house. Here is what transpired after that.

  • Claudio called his insurance company and they informed him to contact a contractor
  • His neighbor had used Biltmore on a previous project and highly recommended us (thanks, neighbor!)
  • Biltmore was on site in under 2 hours and our first priority was to secure and cover the damaged area to prevent further damage
  • The insurance company offered to partially patch and repair the damaged areas with non-matching products
  • In the end, Claudio received a full roof, siding, and gutter replacement
  • Biltmore works for you, not the insurance company

Check out the video below and let Claudio tell you about his experience in his own words.