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So How Long Will Your New Roof Last?

Not every homeowner will be faced with the need for roof replacement, especially if the home was new when you purchased it because modern roofing systems are generally designed to last for 30 years or more, depending on the type of materials used. And in truth, few homeowners live in the same place for that length of time anyway, so a home with a new roof might never need roof repair or roof replacement while you’re living there.

Durability of modern roof shingles

Years ago, roof shingles were not made to the same high standard that some are today, and it was common for those shingles to literally be blown away in the first strong wind endured by the roofing system.
The old 3-tab shingles from those days have largely been replaced by dimensional shingles, constructed of two sheets of asphalt, held together by a strong laminate. There are a great many variations on this dimensional model, some being thicker and stronger, but in general, modern shingle construction is superior to that of decades ago, and that helps roofs last much longer.

When a new roof is needed

Of course, most homeowners don’t have the opportunity to purchase a home brand-new, so they have to inquire about the age of the home and the age of the roofing system which is installed. If you live in an area of frequent severe weather, especially with high winds, it becomes much more likely that you will have to replace a roof at some point during your residence. At that point, it will then be to your benefit to work with a roofing contractor you can trust to be sure that you get a replacement roofing system which will live up to the long life of modern building materials.

Influences on roofing life expectancy

It’s good to remember that the life expectancy of your roof does not depend on the quality of materials used alone. As previously mentioned, severe weather can definitely shorten the life of even the best roofing materials, but whether isn’t the only negative influence.
It’s critical that your replacement roof is installed correctly by a skilled roof contractor, or all the roof’s durability properties can be completely negated. In order to enjoy the full benefit of today’s high-quality roofing systems, a reliable and skilled roofing contractor is an absolute must.