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Stone Siding – A New Look For Your Home

A great many homeowners love the look of stone siding or masonry siding, because it imparts the feeling of permanence and ruggedness to a home, making it safe against the natural elements of weather and harsh sunshine. The look of cut stone can be achieved by using faux stone siding or veneer stone siding, and it’s often difficult to distinguish between the two.

Stone siding advantages

A stone veneer installation can either make use of natural, quarried stone or it can use manufactured stone. In either case though, it must be cut to a thickness of roughly an inch, so that the weight does not exceed a building’s structural support capability.
With manufactured stone veneer, there are more options in the way of coloring, since faux stone veneer is generally comprised of a mixture of Portland cement and various coloring agents – which means you can determine the end result coloration.
While it’s hard to beat the natural beauty of a real stone veneer, the manufactured veneer is in some ways preferable, since it will not crack and does not require regular maintenance like real stone.

Faux stone panels

Faux stone panels installation uses sections which are often cast from a combination of real stone, brick, and rock, in order to give the look and impression of real stone, but without the weight, the maintenance hassle, and the hefty cost.
In short, this building material provides all the aesthetic qualities of natural stone, without any of the downsides. Environmentalists would be pleased to learn that a faux stone installation has far less negative impact on the environment than does the quarrying of real stone.

Cultured stone installation

Cultured stone siding is another product created by pouring cement into a mold, and mixing it with some coloring agent to achieve a specific desired look and overall impression.
It’s easier to install than natural stone, and costs far less because the manufacturing process is not nearly as expensive as quarrying real rock from the ground and cutting it for use as a building material.

Stacked stone installation

The stacked stone look on a home’s siding presents a much different appearance than other faux stone systems, being a conglomeration of cut-stone pieces arranged in a three-dimensional configuration. Attached to some kind of backing platform, the whole piece can then be installed as a module, which is very often positioned on the front siding of a home.

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