Vinyl Siding Replacement

4 Clear Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has become one of the very most popular options for use in siding new homes, which is not at all surprising since the high-tech materials and advanced manufacturing techniques of today make it a superior cladding choice. Few building materials are more versatile than today's vinyls and plastics, and there are virtually none which can out-perform premium vinyl siding as a protector against nature's elements. Here are some reasons that vinyl should be the first building material you think of when there's a question about what to use for siding installation.

1. Maintenance-free

There may be some upkeep required in other areas of the home, but the vinyl siding is not one of them. Being extremely resistant to weather elements, the depredations of insects, mold, mildew, and all manner of other invasive agents, the original qualities of brand new vinyl are retained literally for years without deterioration. If anything, a simple washing might be undertaken every couple years to wipe away cumulative grime.

2. Lower cost

Installing vinyl siding on a home costs significantly less than most other materials which might be used. For instance, the same amount of wood siding used to cover a home might cost two to three times as much as vinyl, and it would be not nearly as maintenance-free. Because vinyl requires little or no maintenance, there is virtually no cost for that either. Then too, vinyl siding options help insulate a home better than most other types of siding, even if a generous amount of insulation is used between the wall studs of a house. In fact, the area around the wall studs themselves can promote heat loss from the house, because there's nothing to prevent the escape of warm air - unless the blanketing effect of vinyl siding is in place.

3. Tremendous durability

Vinyl is deliberately manufactured to resist the effects of moisture, high winds, hail, flying debris, and even extreme heat from the sun. This accounts for the long-lasting durability of a vinyl siding installation, and its superior protective strength against almost all effects which might conceivably harm a house.

4. Unmatched versatility

Vinyl siding products come in the widest imaginable array of colors and styles, which means they can be used for almost any housing situation, and can comfortably blend in with other homes in almost any neighborhood. Vinyl siding suppliers even have products to offer which mimic other kinds of siding, for instance, shakes or possibly even Victorian scallops. Vinyl siding styles can also accommodate either horizontal or vertical applications easily, and still present an aesthetically appealing display to observers.