We will work on your behalf with the insurance companies. You might have damage that you can't see from the ground. Let us help you!


Storm Damage - Hail


Hail storms generally occur from late spring to late summer. Much of mid-America receives at least one damaging hail or wind storm a year. Some parts of the central US are called “Hail Alley,” which receive the highest frequency of large hail in North America and most of the world. Residents in these areas usually can count on three or four catastrophic (defined as at least $25 million in insured damage) hailstorms every year.


As a result, up to one-half of your homeowners insurance premium may be going toward hail and wind damage costs. If you carry comprehensive coverage on your home policy, hail damage is covered by almost all insurance companies. Comprehensive insurance is optional, but if you live in a hail prone area the insurance industry recommends this coverage.


Storm Damage - Wind


While wind damage may be far easier to see from the ground it is still recommended that a professional inspection is done. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLIMB ONTO YOUR ROOF, not only is it dangerous but you can also create more damage opening yourself up for potential leaks.


Whenever you have a windstorm approaching 60 MPH you have a potential for wind damage, often times the shingles will not tear off but a crease will be folded into the shingle itself, this small crack can have drastic consequences as it allows water to penetrate your roof causing potential leaking. It is important to note that just because your roof isn't actively leaking into your home, you are not necessarily in the clear from Storm Damage.


Stay safe and Let one of our highly trained reps do the dangerous work on your roof and access your damage giving you an onsite quote today. Again, please do not attempt to climb on your roof to access the damage yourself, we are professionals and we love our job.





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