Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding is the number one exterior facing in North America. It's reliable. That's why we back all of our products with a warranty. All of our siding products have a standard of excellence that distinguish them from other products, including superior performance, outstanding beauty, durability and low maintenance. Kaycan's vinyl siding is certified to meet or exceed the industry quality standards. We provide absolute assurance that our product will:


• Protect your home in extreme weather conditions, and can withstand the effects of hot, cold, and wet while retaining it's great looks.


• Prevent fading colors, because our siding is certified for the retention of colors.

• Prevent rot and decay, because our sidings do not intake or trap water behind siding they do not degrade over time due to moisture disintegrating the plank.

• Provide energy-efficiency, because our siding helps homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.


• Remains easy to clean, because our siding doesn't demand a lot of your time and attention. There is no worry about rotting or splitting.


• Help you stay green, because our siding performs better for the environment than other exterior faces.


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