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With over 30 years of roofing replacement experience, we can guarantee it's right the first time.

Choosing The Right Roofer

At Biltmore, we stress the importance of choosing the right roofer. A roofing replacement project is not only based on the number of shingles, labor costs or total price. The preparation before the job and the clean up after are also important factors in selecting the right company for your project. You are trusting the entirety of this process to your contractor, so it’s absolutely necessary to choose a professional who takes care of the details from start to finish.


  • Is the Roofing Company a local company? Some may pose as a local organization but are just canvassing neighborhoods.
  • Are the work contracts simple, easy payment options, use local suppliers, strong customer support?
  • Check the reviews on Google, Facebook, BBB
  • Ask about the experience of their labor force. How many Years Experience?
  • Are they certified by the manufacturer so you get the full warranty?
  • Are they implementing a proper Drip Edge?
  • Is proper roof ventilation being installed?
  • Proper ventilation can add 25% - 50% more life, and help lower your utility bills
  • Be clear on what portion of the old roof is being removed

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